Nine Health Global

Nine Health Global is Nine Health’s international commercial arm.

We design and manage big data systems and applications for manufacturers of connected medical devices; national and local branches of the health ministries; public and private sector hospitals, clinics and elderly care facilities; insurance and financial services companies; and pharmaceutical companies. Using a variety of proprietary big data tools, we can, among other things:

  1. add machine code to digital data – including existing digital records – so that it can be found and used easily. (This is the foundation of big data.)


  1. Construct clinical databases and other relevant databases so that historical, current and future data can be accessed, analysed and used.


  1. Link data of different types from different sources so that they make clinical sense, and so that conclusions can be drawn from them.


  1. Strip and code data from different data sources (e.g. x-ray images and CT images).


  1. Design data systems to enable the management of population health.


  1. Design data-linked illness prevention packages.


  1. Create new clinical software which is intelligent and can learn and change itself automatically (artificial intelligence) for specific diseases with others.

Clinical Systems:

We develop clinical systems using big data and AI technologies. For example, we developed an AI clinical decision support system, , with a Chinese partner, Lantone [insert link], which is in use in community clinics in China.

Products & Services:

We help innovative healthcare products and technologies to enter global markets. Some of those we are currently helping include, Beetroot, Clearhear and Rehability.

For further information on any of these products, or to discuss a new product or service or an agency or distribution arrangement, please email