Nine Health Global Limited (NHG) is a UK company with expertise in healthcare big data analysis. The NHG team is a pioneer in healthcare big data, having played a leading role in the EU-funded Virtual Physiological Human project (see and other big data healthcare projects. NHG works closely with universities and others, including the Insigneo Institute for In Silico Medicine at the University of Sheffield (, and has the technical and managerial ability to undertake significant big data projects.


Following the completion of a healthcare big data project in Hangzhou, NHG is now building a global healthcare big data business, initially in mainland China, Beijing, and Hong Kong. NHG intends to become the leading provider of healthcare big data products and related services in China.

Beijing: NHG has signed a memorandum of understanding with D-Lab, the big data arm of Tsinghua University in Beijing. D-Lab has signed contracts to design and implement healthcare big data systems in major Chinese cities and is seeking NHG’s healthcare expertise and assistance. NHG believes that a relationship with D-Lab, and more generally locating in Beijing, is key to developing relationships with government authorities, academia and others, and to winning contracts with Chinese parties. Nine health will make this facility available to others as a springboard.




The Team

Elaine Taylor-Whilde: Elaine, NHG’s CEO, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and research fellow at the University of Sheffield. Formerly clinical research lead at the National Health Service Information Centre, she has many years’ experience in the public, commercial and third sectors. Elaine is an expert in clinical informatics and technology development, research and evaluation and intelligence for health and related sectors.

Chris Dickson: Chris is a medical doctor who for the past 12 years has been at board level in medical software and technology businesses. He was the chief operating officer of Ascribe, a clinical software company, which went from AIM listing through a management buyout to PE ownership and finally a sale to Emis Group PLC, one of the largest suppliers of software to the UK’s National Health Service.

Christina Tamblyn: Christina is a chartered management accountant, qualified for 18 years. For the last 10 years she has worked in medical software and technology business at a senior level, including the last four years of which she spent as finance director, secondary care at Emis Group PLC.

Robin Weir: Robin has lived for 13 years in mainland China, including as a lawyer for six years with an international law firm in Shanghai. He has a degree in Chinese from the University of Cambridge and has established and worked in management roles in companies in mainland China. He was a co-founder of China Business Law Journal, a bilingual legal magazine published in Hong Kong. Robin is acting as in-house counsel to NHG in relation to establishment, compliance and commercial contracts.

Phil Davies: Phil is Chief Technology Officer and a specialist in networks and communications technologies. Phil is an experienced programme manager who has run large and complex national and international IT programmes. His clients have included BAE systems, BT, Airbus and Dixons Carphone Warehouse. He has worked on the National Programme for IT of the UK’s National Health Service.

Peng Yonghong: Yonghong is professor of data science and the leader for research and innovation of data science and big data at the University of Sunderland. He is a member of the big data task force of the China Information Industry Association (CIIA). He is currently acting as a consultant to NHG, including in the creation of a Chinese management team.


Elaine Taylor-Whilde: Elaine是NHG的执行总裁,是英国皇家医学会成员,是谢菲尔德大学研究员。她在公共、商业以及第三领域有多年的工作经验,曾是英国国家卫生服务信息中心临床研究领导。她还是临床信息学及技术开发、健康相关领域的评估研究等方面的专家。

Chris Dickson: Chris是医学博士,在医学软件技术公司担任董事12年。他曾是Ascribe公司(一家临床软件公司)的首席运营官。Ascribe公司一开始通过管理层收购的方式在AIM上市,再到成为私有制企业,最后被卖给Emis集团股份有限公司──英国国家健康服务最大的软件供应商之一。

Christina Tamblyn: Christina是一名注册管理会计师,取得任职资格已有18年。在一家医学软件技术公司担任高层职位10年,其中4年在Emis集团股份有限公司卫生服务担任财务总监。

Robin Weir: Robin在中国大陆生活长达13年之久,其中6年是在上海一家国际法公司从事律师工作。他获得了剑桥大学汉语文凭,并且在中国大陆公司担任管理层职位。他是香港出版的双语法律杂志《中国商法杂志》的共同创办者。他是NHG在公司设立、合规及商业合同方面的专职法律顾问。

Phil Davies: Phil是首席技术官,网络及通讯技术专家。他是经验丰富的项目经理,负责过国内外很多复杂大型IT项目。他接触过的客户包括英国BAE系统公司、英国电信、空中客车公司以及英国Dixons Carphone公司。他现在是为英国国家卫生服务的国家IT项目工作。

Peng Yonghong: Yonghong是桑德兰大学数据科学教授,领导着数据科学大数据的创新研究。他是中国信息产业协会大数据工作组的成员之一。他现在是NHG的顾问,是中国管理团队成员之一。