Clinical Systems

Widespread use of Big Data in the health sector can help Doctors and other Health Professionals make the right choices more quickly, based on information collected by other medical staff. Patients can benefit from more timely and appropriate treatments and be better informed about health care providers. An increased use of data analysis in the health sector can also lead to enormous cost savings through a more precise identification of unnecessary procedures or duplication of tests. The analysis of large clinical datasets can result in the optimisation of the clinical and cost effectiveness of new drugs and treatments.

Nine Health Global applied its knowledge from the UK and Europe to support China’s evolving primary care system by helping to create Diagbot an automated clinical decision support system based on national evidence- based guidelines for grass roots doctors.


The system which has China government approvals is now commercially available and in use in thousands of clinics in China. Please contact us for further details.

In October 2019 NHG signed a contract with the Maple Primary Care Centre in Chengdu to support the creation of a third-generation primary care system taking the learning from the UK NHS and innovating using A.I. to automate many of the functions and processes.