Nine Health Global uses Healthcare Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Super-computational modelling to improve patient and public health

Nine Health Global - Background

Nine Health Global was created in 2016 by the team behind Nine Health CIC along with industry titans from Healthcare, Finance and Legal to continue delivering innovative services and products to improve patient and public benefit in health and social care.

Whilst Nine Health CIC continues to deliver research-led service and product development here in the UK, we are currently engaged with clients in China, Hong Kong and the Middle East assisting with system design / re-design or product development, manufacturing and sales.

Building on the success of Nine Health CIC in nurturing relationships and securing local partners we have extended our reach with the ongoing support from the UK Department of International Trade.

Our Partners

How can we help you ?


Experienced in coding and handling healthcare data Nine Health Global are able to assist you in making sense of clinical data and information.

From adding machine code to enable data to be found when using AI algoritms. Pulling data from multiple sources (subject to relevant ethics approvals) allowing the creation of meaningful datasets and systems.

We can assist in the prediction of disease patterns (population health) and personalised health care packages through the use of bespoke software.


Our core team has over 30 years experience in designing and implementing clinical IT systems in the UK's NHS.

We have used this knowledge to develop clinical diagnostic and decision making tools and systems for organisations looking to utilise this experience for their own countries healthcare system.

We currently have clients who are utilising this expertise to support the delivery of services in over 2500 clinics in China.


Breaking down the barriers to introducing your product or service to a new market can be a daunting prospect, we are here to help you.

From manufacturing to sales we can assist you on securing traction in markets where you may not have the experience or local support to maximise on your investment.

Building on the experience that Nine Health Global has gained in international markets, we can assist you with introducing your product or service through our extensive partner network.

Who are we?

Elaine Taylor-Whilde


Robin Weir

Legal Counsel

Dr Chris Dickson

Medical Adviser